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Packages that use ETime
com.mysema.query.types.custom Custom types are comparable to operations but contain the serialization templates instead of operator patterns. 
com.mysema.query.types.expr Expr encode the base type hierarchy and signatures of Querydsl expressions 
com.mysema.query.types.operation Operations represent typed operations with operator and arguments 
com.mysema.query.types.path Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access 

Uses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.custom

Subclasses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.custom
 class CTime<T extends Comparable<?>>

Uses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.expr

Subclasses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.expr
 class ETimeConst

Methods in com.mysema.query.types.expr that return ETime
static ETime<Time> ETimeConst.create(Time time)
static ETime<Date> ETime.currentTime()
          Get an expression representing the current time as a ETime instance
<T extends Comparable>
ETime.currentTime(Class<T> cl)
          Get an expression representing the current time as a ETime instance

Uses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.operation

Subclasses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.operation
 class OTime<OpType,D extends Comparable<?>>
          OTime represents Time functions

Methods in com.mysema.query.types.operation that return ETime
 ETime<D> OTime.asExpr()
<O,D extends Comparable<?>>
OTime.create(Class<D> type, Operator<O> op, Expr<?>... args)
          Factory method

Uses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.path

Subclasses of ETime in com.mysema.query.types.path
 class PTime<D extends Comparable>

Methods in com.mysema.query.types.path that return ETime
 ETime<D> PTime.asExpr()

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