Package com.mysema.query.types

Contains Querydsl grammar types


Interface Summary
Visitor Visitor provides a dispatching Visitor for Expr instances.

Class Summary
CaseBuilder CaseBuilder enables the construction of typesafe case-when-then-else constructs : e.g.
CaseBuilder.Cases<A,Q extends Expr<A>> Cascading typesafe Case builder
CaseBuilder.CaseWhen<A,Q extends Expr<A>> Intermediate When state
CaseBuilder.Initial Initial state of Case construction
CaseForEqBuilder<D> CaseForEqBuilder enables the construction of typesafe case-when-then-else constructs for equals-operations : e.g.
OrderSpecifier<A extends Comparable> OrderSpecifier represents an order-by-element in a Query instance
Template Template for operation and path serialization
Templates OperationPatterns provides operator patterns for query expression serialization
ToStringVisitor ToStringVisitor is used for toString() serialization in Expr implementations.
VisitorBase<SubType extends VisitorBase<SubType>> VisitorBase provides a base implementation of the Visitor class, where invocations are dispatched to supertypes

Enum Summary
Order Order defines ascending and descending order

Package com.mysema.query.types Description

Contains Querydsl grammar types

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