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Packages that use ESimple
com.mysema.query Contains basic Query elements 
com.mysema.query.sql.mssql Oracle support for Querydsl SQL 
com.mysema.query.types Contains Querydsl grammar types 
com.mysema.query.types.custom Custom types are comparable to operations but contain the serialization templates instead of operator patterns. 
com.mysema.query.types.expr Operations represent typed operations with operator and arguments 
com.mysema.query.types.path Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access 
com.mysema.query.types.query Subquery implementations 

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query
 class BooleanBuilder
          BooleanBuilder is a cascading builder for EBoolean expressions.

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.lucene

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.lucene
 class PhraseElement
          PhraseElement represents the embedded String as a phrase
 class QueryElement
          QueryElement wraps a lucene Query
 class TermElement
          TermElement represents the embedded String as a term

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.sql.mssql

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.sql.mssql
 class RowNumber
          RowNumber supports row_number constructs for MS SQL Server

Uses of ESimple in

Subclasses of ESimple in
 class SumOver<A extends Number & Comparable<? super A>>
          SumOver is a fluent type for Oracle specific sum over / partition by / order by constructs

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types
 class EConstructor<D>
          EConstructor represents a constructor invocation
 class Param<T>
          Param defines a named parameter in a query

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.custom

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.custom
 class CBoolean
          CBoolean is a custom boolean expression
 class CComparable<T extends Comparable<?>>
          CComparable defines custom comparable expressions
 class CDate<T extends Comparable<?>>
 class CDateTime<T extends Comparable<?>>
 class CNumber<T extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          CNumber defines custom numeric expressions
 class CSimple<T>
          CSimple defines custom simple expressions
 class CString
          CString defines custom String expressions
 class CTime<T extends Comparable<?>>

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.expr

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.expr
 class Coalesce<T extends Comparable>
          Coalesce defines a coalesce function invocation.
 class EArrayConstructor<D>
          EArrayConstructor extends EConstructor to represent array initializers
 class EBoolean
          EBoolean represents boolean expressions
 class EBooleanConst
          EBooleanConst provides constants for Boolean.TRUE and Boolean.FALSE
 class ECollectionBase<C extends Collection<E>,E>
          ECollectionBase is an abstract base class for ECollection implementations
 class EComparable<D extends Comparable>
          EComparable extends EComparableBase to provide comparison methods.
 class EComparableBase<D extends Comparable>
          EComparableBase represents comparable expressions
 class EDate<D extends Comparable>
          EDate represents Date expressions The date representation is compatible with the Gregorian calendar.
 class EDateConst<D extends Date>
 class EDateOrTime<D extends Comparable>
          EDateOrTime is a supertype for Date/Time related types
 class EDateTime<D extends Comparable>
          EDateTime represents Date / Time expressions The date representation is compatible with the Gregorian calendar.
 class EDateTimeConst<D extends Date>
 class EMapBase<K,V>
          EMapBase is an abstract base class for EMap implementations
 class ENumber<D extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          ENumber represents a numeric expression
 class ENumberConst<D extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          ENumberConst represents numeric constants
 class EString
          EString represents String expressions
 class EStringConst
          EStringConst represents String constants
 class ETime<D extends Comparable>
          ETime represents Time expressions
 class ETimeConst<D extends Date>
 class ExprConst<D>
          ExprConst represents general constant expressions
 class OBoolean
          OBoolean represents boolean operations
 class OComparable<D extends Comparable<?>>
          OComparable represents Comparable operations
 class ODate<D extends Comparable<?>>
          ODate represents Date operations
 class ODateTime<D extends Comparable<?>>
          ODateTime represents DateTime operations
 class ONumber<D extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          ONumber represents numeric operations
 class OSimple<D>
          OSimple represents a simple operation expression
 class OString
          OString represents a String typed operation
 class OTime<D extends Comparable<?>>
          OTime represents Time functions
 class QTuple
          QTuple represents a projection of type Tuple

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.path

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.path
 class PArray<E>
          PArray represents an array typed path
 class PathBuilder<D>
          PathBuilder is an extension to PEntity for dynamic path construction
 class PBoolean
          PBoolean represents boolean path expressions
 class PCollection<E>
          PCollection represents collection paths
 class PComparable<D extends Comparable>
          PComparable represents Comparable paths
 class PDate<D extends Comparable>
 class PDateTime<D extends Comparable>
 class PEntity<D>
          PEntity represents entity paths
 class PList<E,Q extends Expr<E>>
          PList represents list paths
 class PMap<K,V,E extends Expr<V>>
          PMap represents map paths
 class PNumber<D extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          PNumber represents numeric paths
 class PSet<E>
          PSet represents set paths
 class PSimple<D>
          PSimple represents simple paths
 class PString
          PString represents String typed paths
 class PTime<D extends Comparable>

Uses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.query

Subclasses of ESimple in com.mysema.query.types.query
 class BooleanSubQuery
          Single result subquery
 class ComparableSubQuery<A extends Comparable<?>>
          Single result subquery
 class DateSubQuery<A extends Comparable<?>>
          Single result subquery
 class DateTimeSubQuery<A extends Comparable<?>>
          Single result subquery
 class ListSubQuery<A>
          List result subquery
 class NumberSubQuery<A extends Number & Comparable<?>>
          Single result subquery
 class ObjectSubQuery<A>
          Single result subquery
 class StringSubQuery
          Single result subquery
 class TimeSubQuery<A extends Comparable<?>>
          Single result subquery

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