Package com.mysema.query.types

Contains Querydsl grammar types


Interface Summary
Constant<D> Constant represents a general constant expression.
Custom<T> Custom provides base types for custom expressions with integrated serialization templates
Interval<T> Interval is a typed inclusive interval from begin to end with optional open begin and end
Operation<RT> Operation represents an operation with operator and arguments
Operator<RT> Operator represents operator symbols
Ops Ops provides the operators for the fluent query grammar.
Ops.AggOps Aggreation operators
Ops.DateTimeOps Date and time operators
Ops.MathOps Math operators
Ops.QuantOps Quantification operators
Ops.StringOps String operators
Path<C> Path represents a path expression
SubQuery<T> SubQuery represents a sub query.
Visitor Visitor defines a Visitor signature for Expr instances.

Class Summary
EConstructor<D> EConstructor represents a constructor invocation
Expr<D> Expr represents a general typed expression in a Query instance.
IntervalImpl<T> Default implementation of the interval interface
OperatorImpl<RT> OperatorImpl is the default implementation of the Operator interface
OrderSpecifier<A extends Comparable> OrderSpecifier represents an order-by-element in a Query instance
Param<T> Param defines a named parameter in a query
PathMetadata<T> PathMetadata provides metadata for Path expressions.
Template Template for Operation, Custom and Path serialization
TemplateFactory TemplateFactory is a factory for Template instances
Templates Templates provides operator patterns for query expression serialization
ToStringVisitor ToStringVisitor is used for toString() serialization in Expr implementations.

Enum Summary
Order Order defines ascending and descending order
PathType PathType represents the relation of a Path to its parent

Exception Summary

Package com.mysema.query.types Description

Contains Querydsl grammar types

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