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Packages that use JoinExpression
com.mysema.query Contains basic Query elements 
com.mysema.query.collections Implementations of Querydsl query interfaces for JavaBean collections Various support classes 

Uses of JoinExpression in com.mysema.query

Methods in com.mysema.query that return types with arguments of type JoinExpression
 List<JoinExpression> QueryMetadata.getJoins()
          Get the query joins
 List<JoinExpression> DefaultQueryMetadata.getJoins()

Methods in com.mysema.query with parameters of type JoinExpression
 void QueryMetadata.addJoin(JoinExpression... join)
          Add the given query join
 void DefaultQueryMetadata.addJoin(JoinExpression... j)

Uses of JoinExpression in com.mysema.query.collections

Method parameters in com.mysema.query.collections with type arguments of type JoinExpression
 com.mysema.codegen.Evaluator<List<Object[]>> DefaultEvaluatorFactory.createEvaluator(QueryMetadata metadata, List<JoinExpression> joins, Predicate filter)
          Create an Evaluator for the given sources and the given optional filter

Uses of JoinExpression in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type JoinExpression
 List<JoinExpression> OrderedQueryMetadata.getJoins()

Methods in with parameters of type JoinExpression
 void OrderedQueryMetadata.addJoin(JoinExpression... j)

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