Package com.mysema.query.codegen

Code generations models and serializers


Interface Summary
Serializer Serializer defines a common interface for EntityType serializers
SerializerConfig SerializerConfig defines serialization options to be used in the Serializer

Class Summary
BeanSerializer BeanSerializer is a Serializer implementation which serializes EntityType instances into JavaBean classes
Delegate Delegate defines a delegate method which dispatches to an external static method
EmbeddableSerializer EmbeddableSerializer is a Serializer implementation for embeddable types
EntitySerializer EntitySerializer is a Serializer implementation for entity types
EntityType EntityType represents a model of a query domain type with properties
ProjectionSerializer ProjectionSerializer is a Serializer implementation for DTO types
Property Property represents a property in a query domain type.
SimpleSerializerConfig SimpleSerializerConfig is the default implementation of the SerializerConfig interface
SupertypeSerializer SupertypeSerializer is a Serializer implementation for supertypes
TypeFactory TypeFactory is a factory class for Type instances
TypeMappings TypeMappings defines mappings from Java types to Expression, Path and TemplateExpression types
TypeResolver TypeResolver provides type resolving funcationlity for resolving generic type variables to concrete types

Exception Summary

Package com.mysema.query.codegen Description

Code generations models and serializers

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