Package com.mysema.query.types.expr

Expr encode the base type hierarchy and signatures of Querydsl expressions


Interface Summary
Constant<D> Constant represents a general constant expression.
ECollection<C extends Collection<E>,E> ECollection represents java.util.Collection typed expressions
EList<E> EList represents java.util.List typed expressions
EMap<K,V> EMap represents java.util.Map typed expressions

Class Summary
EArrayConstructor<D> EArrayConstructor extends EConstructor to represent array initializers
EBoolean EBoolean represents boolean expressions
EBooleanConst EBooleanConst provides constants for Boolean.TRUE and Boolean.FALSE
ECollectionBase<C extends Collection<E>,E> ECollectionBase is an abstract base class for ECollection implementations
EComparable<D extends Comparable> EComparable extends EComparableBase to provide comparison methods.
EComparableBase<D extends Comparable> EComparableBase represents comparable expressions
EConstructor<D> EConstructor represents a constructor invocation
EDate<D extends Comparable> EDate represents Date expressions
EDateOrTime<D extends Comparable> EDateOrTime is a supertype for Date/Time related types
EDateTime<D extends Comparable> EDateTime represents Date / Time expressions
EMapBase<K,V> EMapBase is an abstract base class for EMap implementations
ENumber<D extends Number & Comparable<?>> ENumber represents a numeric expression
ENumberConst<D extends Number & Comparable<?>> ENumberConst represents numeric constants
EString EString represents String expressions
EStringConst EStringConst represents String constants
ETime<D extends Comparable> ETime represents Time expressions
Expr<D> Expr represents a general typed expression in a Query instance.
ExprConst<D> ExprConst represents general constant expressions

Package com.mysema.query.types.expr Description

Expr encode the base type hierarchy and signatures of Querydsl expressions

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