Package com.mysema.query.types.path

Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access


Interface Summary
Path<C> Path represents a path expression

Class Summary
PArray<E> PArray represents an array typed path
PathBuilder<D> PathBuilder is an extension to PEntity for dynamic path construction
PathBuilderFactory PathBuilderFactory is a factory class for PathBuilder creation
PathInits PathInits defines path initializations that can be attached to properties via QueryInit annotations
PathMetadata<T> PathMetadata provides metadata for Path expressions.
PBoolean PBoolean represents boolean path expressions
PCollection<E> PCollection represents collection paths
PComparable<D extends Comparable> PComparable represents Comparable paths
PDate<D extends Comparable>  
PDateTime<D extends Comparable>  
PEntity<D> PEntity represents entity paths
PList<E,Q extends Expr<E>> PList represents list paths
PMap<K,V,E extends Expr<V>> PMap represents map paths
PNumber<D extends Number & Comparable<?>> PNumber represents numeric paths
PSet<E> PSet represents set paths
PSimple<D> PSimple represents simple paths
PString PString represents String typed paths
PTime<D extends Comparable>  

Enum Summary
PathType PathType represents the relation of a path to its parent

Package com.mysema.query.types.path Description

Paths represent typed property paths, variables and list-map-array access

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