Package com.mysema.query.support

Various support classes


Class Summary
DetachableAdapter DetachableAdapter is an apadater implementation for the Detachable interface
DetachableMixin Mixin style implementation of the Detachable interface
DetachableQuery<Q extends DetachableQuery<Q>> DetachableQuery is a base class for queries which implement the Query and Detachable interfaces
ProjectableAdapter<P extends Projectable> ProjectableAdapter is an adapter implementation for the Projectable interface
ProjectableQuery<Q extends ProjectableQuery<Q>> ProjectableQuery extends the QueryBase class to provide default implementations of the methods of the Projectable interface
QueryBase<Q extends QueryBase<Q>> QueryBase provides a stub for Query implementations
QueryMixin<T> Mixin style Query implementation
SerializerBase<S extends SerializerBase<S>> SerializerBase is a stub for Serializer implementations
SimpleQueryAdapter<T> SimpleQueryAdapter is an apdater implementation for the SimpleQuery and SimpleProjectabl interfaces

Package com.mysema.query.support Description

Various support classes

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