Interface Expression<T>

Type Parameters:
T - expression type
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ArrayExpression<T>, CollectionExpression<T,E>, Constant<T>, EntityPath<T>, ExtendedSubQueryExpression<T>, FactoryExpression<T>, ListExpression<E,Q>, MapExpression<K,V>, Operation<T>, ParametrizedExpression<T>, ParamExpression<T>, Path<T>, Predicate, RelationalPath<T>, SubQueryExpression<T>, TemplateExpression<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayConstructorExpression, ArrayPath, BeanPath, BooleanBuilder, BooleanExpression, BooleanOperation, BooleanPath, BooleanSubQuery, BooleanTemplate, Coalesce, CollectionExpressionBase, CollectionPath, CollectionPathBase, ComparableEntityPath, ComparableExpression, ComparableExpressionBase, ComparableOperation, ComparablePath, ComparableSubQuery, ComparableTemplate, ConstantImpl, ConstructorExpression, DateExpression, DateOperation, DatePath, DateSubQuery, DateTemplate, DateTimeExpression, DateTimeOperation, DateTimePath, DateTimeSubQuery, DateTimeTemplate, EntityPathBase, EnumExpression, EnumOperation, EnumPath, EnumTemplate, ExpressionBase, FactoryExpressionUtils.FactoryExpressionAdapter, ListPath, ListSubQuery, MapExpressionBase, MapPath, MappingProjection, NullExpression, NumberExpression, NumberOperation, NumberPath, NumberSubQuery, NumberTemplate, OperationImpl, Param, PathBuilder, PathImpl, PhraseElement, Point, PredicateOperation, PredicateTemplate, QBean, QBeans, QTuple, QueryElement, RelationalPathBase, RowNumber, SetPath, SimpleExpression, SimpleOperation, SimplePath, SimpleSubQuery, SimpleTemplate, StringExpression, StringOperation, StringPath, StringSubQuery, StringTemplate, SubQueryExpressionImpl, SumOver, TemplateExpressionImpl, TemporalExpression, TermElement, TimeExpression, TimeOperation, TimePath, TimeSubQuery, TimeTemplate

public interface Expression<T>
extends Serializable

Expression defines a general typed expression in a Query instance. The generic type parameter is a reference to the type the expression is bound to.


Method Summary
<R,C> R
accept(Visitor<R,C> v, C context)
          Accept the visitor with the given context
 Class<? extends T> getType()
          Get the java type for this expression

Method Detail


<R,C> R accept(Visitor<R,C> v,
                        C context)
Accept the visitor with the given context

Type Parameters:
R - return type
C - context type
v - visitor
context - context of visit


Class<? extends T> getType()
Get the java type for this expression


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